Sad news. You have just received a notice in the mail that your
doctor is retiring or moving out of the area. That means you
must find a new doctor. How do you go about that process?
Do you just automatically sign up with whomever your old
doctor recommends? Do you research doctors on the internet
and find the one with the most expertise? Do you look for the
one whose office is the most convenient for you?

All of those may play a part in your decision-making process,
but I think there’s one thing you do that carries more weight.
You ask your friends for their recommendations. A friend’s
endorsement carries much more weight than a slick
advertising campaign. You’ve built up a level of trust with your
friend. They have your ear.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that the same thing is
true when we start looking for a church to attend. Researchers
have performed studies to find out why people attend the
church they do. Over 80% of the people responded that it was
because a family member or friend invited them.

Let that number sink in. Over 80% came because their family
member or friend invited them. It wasn’t because of the
preacher, or the music, or the color of the carpet. All those are
important (well, maybe not the color of the carpet), and they
all play a role in someone continuing to attend. But the simple
invitation from a trusted friend is far more important.

That’s why we need you to invite your friends and family
members to Oak Park. There’s someone in your life who
would be open to an invitation from you. Will you invite
them? I think Oak Park could make a huge impact on their
lives. I think we could help them in their walk with Christ. But
it starts with an invitation and that must come from you.

Senior Pastor, Gary O’Neal


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