This past Sunday we had the largest number in attendance since we re-opened. It was great to see everyone here. We realize that some people shouldn’t (or can’t) come because they or a loved one has health concerns. We want you to stay safe. We do have chairs setup so that we can accommodate more people and we are making plans to move our services to the Davis Center so that we have even more room.

For those who do attend, please remember that Governor Hutchinson has requested us to follow safety guidelines:
If you have been around anyone who has Covid19 or you have experienced any Covid19 symptoms, please stay home.
We request that you wear a mask.
Refrain from shaking hands, hugging, etc.
Do your best to keep 6 feet apart.
Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands often.

Please be aware of the people around you. You may not be concerned about Covid19, but others are. You may be comfortable being very close to someone while speaking to them, but it may make others feel uncomfortable. None of us have been through anything like this–we are all trying to evaluate what is safe and what isn’t. Be charitable and flexible if someone isn’t as relaxed or unconcerned as you are.

I love you all and I’m honored to be your pastor. I look forward to all of this being over with so that we can go back to our regular ministry. But God has allowed this to come–He must have a lesson (or two) that He wants us to learn through it.

Senior Pastor, Gary O’Neal



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